My "Original" Leakless Water Pump


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Special Features of My "Original" Leakless

Model A Water Pump

Machined for a sealed bearing at the front of the pump (fan end).

Rear bushing is machined for a neoprene lip seal uniquely installed into the bushing (impeller end).

A stainless steel insert is machined and installed into the bushing on top of the seal so that the wear area of the bushing is still the same size.

A 17-4 ph stainless steel shaft is used and has been heat treated to increase the hardness.

The stainless steel shaft is machined for a snap ring (fan end) to eliminate endplay.

Each pump is pressure tested for leaks.

Advantages of My "Original" Leakless

Model A Water Pump

Modifications cannot be detected when the pump is installed.

The front (fan end) bearing will never need lubrication.

There is a Three (3) year warranty.

With proper care this leakless pump will last a long time and will not leak water.

A new gasket, cotter key, woodruff key, and fan nut are supplied.

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